Futures trading is a trading system that takes the form of a standard contract covering commodity trading, gold, stock indices and forex can be traded before the contract matures. The contract can be traded through a broker repeatedly before the due delivery of the goods in accordance with the wishes of market participants.

Today, futures trading has become the new belle very attractive to customers who have been investing in stock trading, mutual funds or other physical trade. On the other hand, the businessmen newcomers have also begun to enliven the futures trading business, after all this time became one of the fields of banking and fund managers in print income (revenue).

With global access, reliable means of support and human resources that we have to encourage the customer to be able to utilize futures trading as a means of investment, risk transfer (transfer of risk) through the action of hedging (hedging) and get a reference price of the formation of transparent pricing (price discovery).


Commodities that are subject to a futures contract traded on the Exchange, are agricultural commodities, agriculture, forestry, mining, upstream industry, financial products and services. Local commodity contract transactions conducted through the Jakarta Futures Exchange and the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange include:

Gold Futures Contract, Cocoa Futures Contract, Crude Palm Oil Futures Contract, Commodity Futures Contract, Stock Index Futures Contract, Loco London Gold Rolling Contract, Forex Daily Scroll Contract, CFD.


Forex Floating Rate
Rolling Gold
Rolling Gold Index
Gold 250
Olein 10



    Trading futures contracts on stock price indices provide various benefits to customers. Start of hedging facilities to the strategy of investing. Stock index futures transaction is a transaction on derivative products (derivatives) of seed stocks and most liquid (blue chip) on the major stock exchanges around the world, as well as the Hang Seng Index (the average price index of major stock market capitalization in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) .

    Hong Kong Stock Index

    The Hang Seng Index (abbr. HSI) is a stock market index that is based on the capitalizationin the Hong Kong stock exchange.


    Loco London gold scroll contract since its launch in 2009 has become an attraction for the market players. Gold scroll contract trend in the Asian market is experiencing a significant increase. With average daily movement of a significant, then the transaction profit opportunities for clients / transactors very promising.

    It is undeniable that gold has a high commercial value because strengths, even sheen makes gold very much. Gold is a classic commodity that has a high historical value. Gold became a force after USD investment that trades almost never quiet.

    During this time many international gold trade refers to the London market, the city has been known for centuries as the center of world gold trade. In addition to London, there are also some gold trading exchanges, such as Zurich, New York, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Stock of gold has a role in enhancing the development of the world gold trade.


    We offer investment trading of major world currencies against the USD. Among them are: Euro, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc.

    This trade to meet the needs of individuals and corporations / companies not only for hedging purposes on the risk of fluctuating foreign exchange but also to take advantage of these fluctuations.


    Fundamental Analysis predict price movements by translating various information on the state of the economy, including news, reports and policies issued by the government, and also rumors.

    In Fundamental Analysis, drastic price movements occur when there are events that are not unexpected. It could be the increase / decrease in interest rates from the central bank, to political events or war. An example is 9/11. When 9/11 happened, rate USD weakened because everyone expects the event will greatly affect the US so it is probable that the USD weakened. This incident led many market participants to sell the USD. Impact rate USD actually plummeted.


    Technical Analysis is an analytical technique that is known in the financial world that are used to predict trendd a stock price by studying past market data, primarily price and volume movements.

    Technical analysis can be used in various ways for example, to use a method of price movements such as the Relative Strength Index , Moving Average , or the classic way is to analyze the pattern of the graph.

    Technical analysis can help clients anticipate what "might" happen to prices from time to time. Technical analysis uses a variety of charts that show price from time to time.

    Technical analysts attempt to identify price patterns and trends in the financial markets and seeks to exploit these patterns. In the use of various methods or techniques they put studies on the price chart. Analysts try to find a pattern such as a reversal pattern ( reversal of patterns ) are already very well known by the term head and shoulders , as well as studying the various patterns as well as price, volume, and the moving average of the price. Some technical analysts also use psychological indicator of investor sentiment.

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